Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just a Little Nibble

Q: How long does it take to publish a first novel?

But it's finally done! Despite some last minute glitches, the first copies of my book Awakening are hot off the presses and being shipped (hopefully as we speak) all around the world! I know some people have already received their copies from Amazon and Barnes& Noble despite the fact that I'm still not sure how I get paid..... hmmmm.....

Anyhow, just to whet your appetite this Thanksgiving, here's a snippet:

Chapter 1 – The Messenger

The tree-born city of Ka’Andharra nestled snugly into the interwoven branches of an ancient grove of valleo. Only here near the heart of Emrysia did the meandering limbs cover so vast an area. Smooth silver bark and platter-like, heart shaped leaves of yellowish green camouflaged the luminaries’ dwellings year round. Along the branches of the mother tree, the El’Kandhar’s residence sprawled in every direction. From central throne room to the gardens along the forest floor, its corridors twined over the oldest and sturdiest branches to sprout rooms as naturally as fruit. The rest of the city blossomed in clusters around it, prominent homes soaring skyward, commoner dwellings grafted onto the branches’ undersides, carved and chiseled, of crystal and of wood.
            Elazaryn sat poised like a statue on the exalted Seat of Ka’Andharra, his vacant stare fixed just left of the defiant youngster before him.
            “He will not survive till dawn….”
“But Father, his injuries do not seem mortal,” Aryelle countered.
“His spirit is wounded beyond reach. We cannot help him.”
            “You mean you will not help him!”
            “I seek not your council, Aryelle,” he warned.
            “And I seek not your permission! I will heal him myself!” Aryelle cried out, squirming uncomfortably as the echo of her outburst crashed like waves off the columns and walls of the vast, empty reception hall and died away.
            Slowly, Elazaryn raised his chin from where it rested between slender, bejeweled fingers. “Your love is great, m’yana, but your judgment is clouded. It is not yet your time of Passing, yet you hasten to enter the Gate without considering which way it will open.”
            “But Father,” she pled changing tactics, “please, only let me-”
            “I forbid it! Speak of it no more!”
            Sparks flashed in Aryelle’s emerald eyes. Her wings - translucent, yet leathery flushed with anger, quivering as she struggled to hold it in check. Hastily, she lowered her gaze. It would not help matters to give in to her frustration. That much she knew.
            “Long burn your flame, El’Kandhar,” she managed, though barely, the age-old response passing reluctantly through clenched teeth....

I hope you'll look for and buy my book. It's listed as Sci-fi & Fantasy, and though written with young adults in mind, I'm hoping adults will find it good read too. Let me know what you think! And watch for Volume Two to come out sometime next year.....

(Awakening is also available as a Nook book, and hopefully soon for Kindle - Happy Reading!)

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