Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take Two!

If you've visited here in the last several months, you won't have found much that is new.

Until today.


Volume Two, Emrysia Lament is about to make its debut! I recently announced the release date of March 16th, 2015 on my author website: but I wanted to make sure you heard it here too.

There has been a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on in preparation, which accounts to some extent for why I've left this site hanging. If you're one to notice details, you'll see that the cover design has changed slightly from my original mock-up. There have been edits and tweaks, and even a few author extras added in for your enjoyment. And I think, if I do say so myself, that the chapter art is much better this go around. I've been working with some seasoned professionals thru their new venture, Your New Book, and am happy to say it has been going great. Neil Raphel, Janis Raye and Jacob Grant - you rock!

And so do you, dear reader, which is why once you get your hands on this book, I hope you'll be so hungry for more that you won't want to wait for Volume Three to come out. Anyone who sends me a picture of themselves reading Lament* will receive an e-file extra! I've got a few tidbits of background info that I'd love to share with my most dedicated readers. I'll mention this again as the launch date approaches.

So... tighten the hatches - it's about to get stormy!

*Permission to post your picture is appreciated, but not required, so please specify - and thanks for keeping it G-rated folks!